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We help you influence the way women connect with your brand. We work with you to ensure your brand reaches its most precious audience.

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Helping you tap into the power and value of the female economy by building emotional connections with women.


Creating better, more alluring stories around your brand that effectively reach out to women.


Conveying your message with purpose, vision and the flair you’d expect from those who’ve spent a lifetime talking to women.


Building loyalty and trust by being an authority on what women want and sharing that understanding.

Who We Are


We understand how great stories can transport us, enlighten us and inspire us. We know how a powerful story can evoke emotional responses that linger in the memory long after that story has been told.


We understand them, we champion their success, we feel their struggles and encourage their ambitions. We know what drives them, what scares them, what angers them, what makes their spirits soar.


We know what really matters to women and how to build emotional connections with them that drive loyalty and long-term business growth.


We combine our passions and expertise to help brands looking to forge deeper connections with the most powerful market in our economy: women.

Jackie Frank


“For more than twenty-five years, I’ve worked in an industry that knows what women want and how to talk to them. Engaging women with passion, honesty and humour is what I do. Now I want to use my skills from traditional media to help brands connect more effectively – and more productively – with their female audience, from co-workers to consumers to clients.”

Jackie's Story
Jackie Frank

Why Women?

It’s a well-established fact that women are the most powerful consumers in the economy. They are responsible for 80% of all household purchases. Global spending by women is expected to reach $18 trillion this year.

Women want to interact with brands that can relate to them; that mean something to them; that alleviate pain points for them; that reflect their life back to them. Brands have been trying to tap into the power of the female economy for decades, but are failing to connect with women where it matters most.


of women trust brands less than they did 20 years ago.


of women are dissatisfied with the way marketers connect with them.


of women say they don’t trust brands anymore.

Brands cannot afford to neglect their powerful female audience. If one brand fails to connect with them, women will abandon it for the other that does.

Which brand do you want to be?



Consulting on strategy, content and identity to amplify your brand’s impact.


Finding and maximising ways to bring your brand and its message to life.


Turning ideas into engaging, purposeful content that can sit across all platforms.


Advising on and developing content across any platform.


Helping you navigate change and fully leverage the opportunities the digital world offers.


Identifying and utilising opportunities for new and existing client collaborations.


Jackie is an experienced TV presenter, host and speaker. A regular on Sunrise
and The Morning Show. For all enquiries please contact Linda Tate.


Joanna Coles

“I have known and worked with Jackie Frank for 12 years, first in my capacity as US editor in chief of Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and then as Global Chief Content Officer of Hearst. Jackie’s a brilliant creative, clear communicator and strategic commercial thinker all in one. She not only understands brands, she has a proven track record of building and driving them to success.

With a unique outlook and energy, Jackie cuts through the clutter to deliver all your business objectives. Confident and experienced across all media, she cares about quality in everything she does be it broadcasting, digital or print. And she knows how to connect a brand to its audience better than anyone because she knows and cares about the person most often forgotten in the haste to understand media and marketing – the actual consumer.

A global leader, Jackie is an inspirational force harnessing her past experience and proven success in content and commerce as she also divines its future.”

Emmerentia Wilding

“We all know creative minds, strategists, clever networkers, brand experts – but it is the rare individual who brings all of this to the table and truly understands how to connect the dots in a commercially savvy way … that is Jackie Frank. I had the pleasure of partnering on many successful projects with Jackie over a period of 10 years and without fail was impressed by her personal commitment and passion for innovative thinking and creative business solutions. A long-standing advocate for women, Jackie is a leading authority on women’s issues around the world and her expertise reaches into the emotional core of what really matters to women.”

Natasha Stott Despoja

“Jackie is a warrior for womankind.

She paved the way for Australian magazines to reflect and represent women’s voices.

Jackie gave us international perspectives, campaigned for key gender equality and encouraged us to debate and support each other. It was an honour to work with Jackie on campaigns ranging from paid parental leave – who can forget “Push It”? – to freeing Nigerian Amina Lawal from stoning.

Jackie is all about sisterhood. In every way, she epitomises style and substance.”

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